Friday, September 21, 2012

EntitySpaces, LLC will be dissolving as of 12/31/2012. Here are the steps that EntitySpaces, LLC plans to take:

  1. EntitySpaces, LLC will release EntitySpaces 2012.1.0930.0 (possibly with a few fixes) with no serial number checking logic or active licensing.
  2. EntitySpaces, LLC will post this version of EntitySpaces on CNET's for anyone to download free, it will be full featured.
  3. EntitySpaces, LLC will post the full Source Code for EntitySpaces, including the Visual Studio Add-In, under the modified BSD license and will be made available on github.

By 12/31/2012 the site will no longer be available in it’s current form. The domain will be moved to an inexpensive server and exist only to send a “success” value back to validate existing licenses. This licensing site will be kept alive until at least June of 2013. You will need to have migrated to the free version of ES2012 mentioned before June of 2013 to be able to continue to generate your EntitySpaces classes, services and alike.