Persistence Layer and Business Objects for Microsoft .NET


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Take control of your data access.

EntitySpaces Studio is an ORM for Microsoft .NET. It simplifies data access for everything from mobile devices to large scale enterprise solutions.
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EntitySpaces Studio

EntitySpaces Studio

Data access done right.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio integration. 
  • Supports 10 database engines.
  • SQL-like dynamic query.
EntitySpaces Profiler

EntitySpaces Profiler

Trace your data access in real time.
  • Examine your dynamic queries.
  • View all query parameter values.
  • Evaluate Exceptions.


  • ThrottleNet Inc
  • Lucterra
  • Tridge Alliance Inc
  • Vortx Inc
  • Apex Networks Limited
  • Widdix Business Solutions
  • maiersoft internet solutions
  • Gizmo Beach
  • SecuritySecurity
    All queries to the database are parameterized. SQL injection worries are a thing of the past when you use EntitySpaces.
  • SpeedSpeed
    There is virtually no overhead added by using EntitySpaces vs raw SQL database access. Super charge your data access.
  • EfficiencyEfficiency
    Why create tedious data access code by hand? EntitySpaces generates this code from your database's schema.
  • ReliabilityReliability
    A simple typo in your data access code could cause data corruption or even worse. Do not write this error prone code by hand. Let EntitySpaces help.
  • UsabilityUsability
    With EntitySpaces familiar SQL-like dynamic query API, new developers can hit the ground running. Standardize your teams' data acess with a known performer.
  • PowerfulPower
    The same binary EntitySpaces code can access any of our 10 supported providers. Broaden your application's reach with a single purchase.

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